About Our Tools

Petrologica has developed various simulation tools for the energy market and associated industries. They include:

  • oil demand
  • supply
  • price and demand

Within the offshore drilling rig market – these tools simulate different market conditions and are useful to help understand the market and plan ahead. New tools can be designed for client markets to navigate through the stormy economic and oil market conditions for 2013 and beyond.

Generally speaking, our tools are designed to be used online, so you can access them on most devices without the need for installation.

Mobile Application

ipadiPad android  Android After more than a year of development work the Petrologica mobile application has finally arrived. The new application allows our clients to view our latest presentations, snapshots, and price and demand simulators instantly and seamlessly whether on iPad or Android tablets.

Although our mobile application is free for everyone to download, we have reserved the right to disclose the content of our simulating tools exclusively to our clients or collaborators.

Please contact us for more information about our services or access to our mobile application.