Our People

Our team of skilled professionals come from a range of backgrounds. Our industry experts provide vast combined knowledge of the energy market and associated industries in a variety of related sectors.  In addition, we also have a team of academic professionals whose expertise in mathematics, software systems and economics provide in-depth analysis, scenarios and market simulation tools.  We benefit from a multi-cultural team which provides us with language skills including Mandarin, Arabic, French and German amongst others.

Fay Chen

Fay Chen (Director)

Fay pioneered forecasting and oilfield online trading systems in the 1990s. She joined the oil and gas industry in 1994 with Petrodata, heading Petrodata research and IT groups. She developed multi-clients offshore drilling rig and deep-water rig market analysis and forecast models, North Sea supply vessels and support vessels forecast models. She was responsible for the development of Petrodata’s online information service and oilfield and rig time trading systems. She was also involved in due diligence work for merger and acquisitions and involved in the negotiation of the alliance between Petrodata and Schlumberger’s digital IndigoPool for information sharing in the later 1990s. Fay now manages forecasting, market and price simulations tool development, oilfield database and oil supply modelling, and the production of market analysis, reports and bespoke studies for clients.

Dr Graham Walker – Oil Market Analyst

Graham provides analysis of North America, with a particular focus on the onshore sector. He has developed and maintains our production forecast models for both LTO/shale and oil sands, and is the lead author of our Bakken Monitor series. He is also a contributing author to the Oil Market Snapshot.

Fawaz Martini – Oil Market Analyst

Fawaz monitors OPEC’s upstream strategy and has acquired a deep understanding of the offshore production centres in West Africa and Brazil. The results of his research are fed into our oil field database.  He is also a contributing author to the Oil Market Snapshot.

Isha Mishra – Economic Modelling & Data Analyst

Isha is responsible for the maintenance of the economic models for our long-term oil demand, and short- and long-term oil price simulators and forecasts. She is particularly interested in the speculative behaviour underpinning oil market movements. Isha has  previously worked as a Research Analyst in a global risk management consultancy.

Advisory panel

We have a panel of experts who we are able to call upon on an advisory basis when the occasion arises.  Each member of the advisory panel has over 40 years experience of working in the oil and gas industry, financial sectors and alongside government agencies.

Chris Skrebowski

Chris is a well-known commentator on the oil industry and an expert on global oil supply. He is the founding Director of Peak Oil Consulting and was consulting editor for Petroleum Review, the magazine of the UK Energy Institute.

Dick Winchester

Dick has over 20 years of energy related technology start-ups, business strategy, market studies and is a member of various committees including  the Scottish Government’s Energy Advisory Board.