OMS-1 Oil Market Snapshot
August 2020
Brent Rises to $45/bbl in August, But Demand Concerns Continue to Threaten

  • Brent has traded around $45/bbl in August, after four consecutive weekly US crude inventory draws, though stocks remain elevated
  • Still, global COVID...

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OMS-1 Oil Market Snapshot
July 2020
Brent Hits $44/bbl in July as OPEC+ Agrees Compensation

  • Brent rose to c. $44/bbl in July, with OPEC+ applying compensatory cuts to the second phase of its deal and the EU agreeing a €750 billion stimulus package

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OMS-1 Oil Market Snapshot
June 2020
Brent Rises to c. $41/bbl After Cuts Extensions and Firm Compliance

  • Brent rose to c. $41/bbl in June as OPEC+ extended the higher cut level of 9.7 million b/d for another month to July and posted firm compliance data
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