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mexico report Mexico: Turmoil or Rebound? If government can compromise, Mexican deepwater could boom

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Report Cover Asia-Pacific: Demand climbs, Supply set to follow

As Brent’s recovery consolidates, we take a look at one potential demand centre in Southeast Asia, and the potential for production grow...

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Med Sea Cover Mediterranean Sea: 2018 could prove a decisive year but could the chequered success history limit the regions potential?

Gas is the primary resource being exploited in the deepwater areas of the Mediterranean encouraged by some significant discoveries in rece...

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Latin America Cover Latin America: Brazil leading the way Mexico and Guyana hot on their heels

After several slow years for Latin America, the settling of the oil price after its dramatic fall throughout 2H2014 and 2015 has spurred m...

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Deepwater Insights - Africa Cover Africa: Rise of the Smaller Nations Established nations focus on development projects with exploration turning to the smaller oil and gas nations

West African activity levels have been slower than their deepwater counterparts in Latin America and the US Gulf to recover since the down...

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Petrologica Cog (2) UK Offshore: Go West! Cautious optimism as operators head to the West of Shetlands

Continued efforts to cut costs have led to renewed confidence in the UK offshore industry, allowing for cautious optimism. Operational opt...

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