Proprietary Oil and Gas Databases

Proprietary Oil and Gas Databases

Petrologica provides comprehensive market insights for the oil, LNG, and US LTO (Light Tight Oil/Shale) industries in the form of our comprehensive databases and analytical system tools as well as monthly market snapshots and in-depth special reports.

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The Petrologica Field Database contains more than 8,000 different oil and gas projects. Our interactive map provides for intuitive browsing of hundreds of fields all over the world and enables swift assessment of key information, such as development status, operator, peak production capacity and date of first production.



Display future field production profiles based on individual fields and projects. Profiles account for key variables such as field delays and decline rates.


spops Calculate NPV, IRR, cash flow, breakeven prices and government takes of future projects. Benchmark and compare fields’ financial performances.


Our proprietary LNG database and analytics tools enable us to obtain detailed insights into the LNG industry – whether monitoring LNG facility utilisation and trade flows or the progress of capacity development and LNG carrier utilisation, all is just a few clicks away. An interactive map allows for intuitive overview and selection of different countries or terminals. Historical data provides an overview of LNG terminal cost developments.

Canadian Oil Sands

We undertake economic breakeven analysis of Canadian oil sands projects and projects productions based on different oil price scenarios. Our oil sands project database contains all future projects and allows the user to produce customised production scenarios.