Oil Supply

Petrologica’s extensive database (NOPEX) records offshore field development projects and the schedules of new production capacity coming onstream. The system’s production tool models offshore production profiles for individual fields, and projects future production at country level based on currently developing, planned and possible projects.

Oil Supply Simulator

supply Our Oil Supply Simulator monitors the impact of oil price changes on additional reserves to be found, drilling intensities and the consequent demand for offshore drilling rigs.

Worldwide Field Profiles

field Our Worldwide Field Profiles tool lists individual field projects and models future production for each. Depending on the level of peak capacity installed, the profile can be adjusted accordingly.

Regional and Country Offshore Production Simulation

regional Our Regional and Country Offshore Production Simulation tool simulates future offshore field production profiles. Individual field profiles are aggregated to the country and regional level and can be projected to demonstrate the impact of key variables such as production performance, delays and decline rates.