Market Reports and Analysis

Petrologica produces comprehensive market insights for the oil, LNG, and US LTO (Light Tight Oil/Shale) markets in the form of monthly and in-depth special reports. Our analysis is based on our comprehensive databases and analytical system tools which are described in the presentation file (click here to download the presentation). Sample reports of our following publications can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlinks.

LNG Market Snapshot (LMS)

Our monthly LMS provides insight into the LNG industry, with emphasis on supply and demand dynamics and the LNG shipping market, with analysis of ongoing development and utilisation of global LNG infrastructure, the vessel order book, and regional trade analysis.

Oil Market Snapshots (OMS)

Our monthly OMS provides an overview of the global oil market and a short-term Brent oil price forecast. Each issue provides feature analysis of current market developments, provides analysis of key consuming economies’ demand, OPEC and non-OPEC production including US LTO, US and OECD inventories and the global demand and supply balance.

Bakken Monitor – US Light Tight Oil (Shale) Analysis

We maintain coverage of the key LTO basins, including a comprehensive well database for the state of North Dakota, home of the Bakken, enabling analytics at all levels of analysis from the well upwards. Key insights, in-depth analysis and best in class production forecasts are published in our Bakken Monitor on a monthly basis, including annual average forecasts for the entire US LTO complex.

Decomm Project Monitor – Global Offshore Decommissioning Report

Our coverage of the global offshore decommissioning market provides market intelligence for rig operators at a time where decomm is a growing revenue stream for the industry. The report focusses on the core markets of the North Sea, US Gulf of Mexico and Australia, providing analysis and insights for offshore projects with well plug and abandonment (P&A) potential.

“The War on Decomm Costs – New Technology” details projects spending on decommissioning in different UK offshore sectors over the next 10 years and shines a light on new technologies that can be used to substantially reduce P&A costs.

“Decommissioning – UK North Sea Shut-in Fields” details well P&A decommissioning for shut-in fields in the UK North Sea.

 Offshore E&P

These quarterly reports profile and analyse deepwater offshore licensing rounds, harsh environment and deepwater development projects as well as potential exploration and development activities globally, based on our proprietary project database.

UK Exploration Activities and New Field Developments: Summarises potential exploration and new field developments with detailed project information.

Norway Exploration and New Field Development: Provides an outlook of future exploration and development activities for the Norwegian Continental Shelf and detailed project information.

Deepwater exploration and field developments: Provides in-depth analysis of potential future global exploration and field developments.