OMS-1 Oil Market Snapshot – January 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Spooks Traders Over Demand Concerns

  • After a spike to c. $70/bbl in the wake of the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani, Brent has collapsed to $60.15/bbl on expectations of weaker d...

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Oil Cover Oil Market Snapshot – December 2019

• Brent has held firm in December, trading at $66.38 on 17th December, as the OPEC+ group reached a new deal and the US-China trade war looked to be nearing a ceasefire...

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OMS-1 Oil Market Snapshot
November 2019
No New Targets As Saudi Arabia Attempts To Enforce Compliance

Brent recovered slightly in November, trading at $63.87 on 28th November, against October’s average of $59.71/bbl. Less headwind from recent macro-economic data, combi...

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