Med Sea Cover Deepwater Insights – Mediterranean & Black Sea Gas buoys hopes for Mediterranean developments, Black Sea remains stagnant

Following several significant gas discoveries in the deepwater Mediterranean since 2009, such as those off Israel, Cyprus and Egypt, hopes for more regional finds and de...

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OMS_November-2017 Oil Market Snapshot
November 2017
OPEC Band Back Together For Another Viennese Waltz

Brent holds above $60/bbl as speculators amass record net long positions in the run up to OPEC’s 173rd meeting on 30th November. Futures pricing indicates a market in ...

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Deepwater Insights - Africa Cover Deepwater Insights
The rise of the smaller nations

West Africa has suffered in the downturn and, despite significant resources still waiting for development, industry engagement in the region remains muted. Smaller nation...

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