US Deepwater_A Glass Half Full US Deepwater
A Glass Half Full?
With Resource Base Discovery at 50%, You Need to Invest in a Straw

The US deepwater industry has likely passed the nadir of the downturn, with a productive lease sale and projections of a slow but steady increase in activity. Exploration...

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BakkenMonitor_June-2017 Bakken Monitor
June 2017
LTO at a Loss

North Dakota lost production in March whilst industry keeps losing money. With winter gone and the boost from returning shut-in wells spent, North Dakota's LTO output ...

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OMS_May-2017 Oil Market Snapshot
May 2017
The Art of The Production Deal

Oil falls as OPEC extends the production deal, but if politics is the art of the possible, is the market expecting too much? Brent broadly recovered to c. $54/bbl from...

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